August 30, 2015

(Bi-?)weekly revue: 2015 weeks #34-35 (August 15 to 28)

Food: - Pancakes & salmon (!) and affogato at Sunday Bake Shop
- Sri Lankan beef curry at MarieIranganee, Shibuya
- Quiche, lamb, etc. at mimet, Yoyogi-kōen
- Crab & crab & crab at canned crab bar, Yoyogi-Uehara
- Fish & chips et bœuf bourgignon at Bespoque

Pancakes and salmon! Affogato at Sunday Bake Shop Beef curry mimet, Yoyogi-kōen mimet, Yoyogi-kōen Canned crab bar, Yoyogi-uehara Canned crab bar, Yoyogi-uehara Canned crab bar, Yoyogi-uehara

Music event: - On Sunday August 23 was the World Happiness 2015! It was the 8th year this festival organized by YMO's Takahashi Yukihiro was held. I was there mostly to see Nomiya Maki with Kaji Hideki, Scha Dara Parr and also Metafive (super-band of Yukihiro with Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius), Towa Tei, Sunahara Yoshinori et al.). I also especially enjoyed seeing Polysics and King-show (kinniku shōjotai), and also clammbon and Controversial Spark (band of Suzuki Keiichi). You can see photos at Natalie.

My best moment was watching Nomiya Maki with Kaji Hideki from the front row. I was already in a perfect spot in the front row, but a good friend found me and pulled me to the very center! Best sight ever! :)

Set list: Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji (the night is still young) (Pizzicato Five) / Love so fine (Roger Nichols) / amefuri toshi (Kaji Hideki) / Summer Beauty 1990 (Flipper's Guitar) / My Boom Is Me (Kaji Hideki) / bokura ga tabi ni deru riyū (Ozawa Kenji) / Message Song (Pizzicato Five)

Metafive (shortened Takahashi Yukihiro & Metafive) were also awesome! We got to hear Towa Tei's "Luv Pandemic" live, and some brand new songs too! An album is in the works and should be released next January.

World Happiness 2015 World Happiness 2015

Exhibition: - Dropped quickly by shop Kitoit in Yoyogi-Uehara to check out an exhibition of paintings by Sakura Fantasma. Nice! :)

Sakura Fantasma at Kitoit Sakura Fantasma at Kitoit Sakura Fantasma at Kitoit

Technology: - I spent a day at YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015, the world's largest Perl conference event. I got to see Perl creator Larry Wall, who is now working hard on finishing Perl 6 for a first release this Christmas (if everything goes well). Also saw some insightful sessions about ES6 (aka ES2015, the latest JavaScript standard) and about working remotely. While I love Perl, not all of the conference has to do with Perl, but all of it is good. :) It was said that it might be the last year the conference is held, but I hope that won't be the case.

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015

Music release news: Yellow Magic Orchestra, Cornelius, the oto factory, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Bajune Tobeta

CTO LAB. "3 Cycles" Yellow Magic Orchestra "No Nukes 2012" (CD), "Yellow Magic Orchestra Live In San Francisco 2011" (Blu-ray) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu album vinyl reissues Cornelius "Constellations of Music" Yapani! "Salvia feat. P.O.P" the oto factory "Cocktail Party" Negicco "nee Vardia" Kyary Pamyu Pamyu album vinyl reissues Bajune Tobeta "Teddy Bear and Password" (CD+DVD), "Space Loungin'" (12")

Playlist: Jintana & Emeralds, Kit Cat, Towa Tei, CTO LAB., Nomoto Karia, Yukihiro Takahashi & Metafive, "Idol bakari Pizzicato", Aira Mitsuki, hitomitoi, Chiroline ver.3, Flin Flon, U-zhaan, dip in the pool

Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" Kit Cat "Scratch You!" Towa Tei "Cute" CTO LAB. "3 Cycles" Nomoto Karia "Dance Music" Yukihiro TAKAHASHI & Metafive "Techno Recital" Various Artists "Idol bakari Pizzicato" Aira Mitsuki "???" hitomitoi "City Dive" Chiroline ver.2 "Last Pajama Party" Flin Flon "Boo-Boo" U-zhaan "Tabla Rock Mountain" dip in the pool "Highwire Walker"

This week's video:

Chiroline ver.3 "Cowgirl at High Noon"

Negicco "oyasumi"

Bajune Tobeta "Teddy Bear and Password" trailer

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August 14, 2015

(Not-quite-)weekly revue: 2015 weeks #32-33 (August 1 to 14)

Still having a busy summer so updates are sparse. Busy, but also having plenty of fun. :) By the way it was my birthday just recently and I had the great pleasure to be celebrated by many dear ones! Thanks to all for the memorable moments! :) So here's a quick sum-up of the last two weeks.

Food: - Birthday lunch at Acacier salon de thé, Urawa, Saitama
- Ashore Coffee Shack at Sunday Bake Shop
- Chou à la crème at Over Mitten, Koganei
- Vegetables 65, mutton Coromandel, and mint rice at Cochin Nivas, Shinjuku
- Brownie ice cream sandwich from Magnolia Bakery

Amuse Bouche Untitled Untitled Sunday Bake Shop Sunday Bake Shop Oven Mitten Cochin Nivas Cochin Nivas Brownie ice cream sandwich

Music events: - On July 31 was Hoshino Michiru & Negicco at clubasia in Shibuya, with DJ Konishi Yasuharu! The highlight was Negicco's "Idol bakari kikanai de" sung with Michiru during her set. Also for the encore all guests were called back on stage and even Konishi-san came to stand and clap along. Then the show seemed supposed to be over, but Michiru stayed on stage and sung "Wish on a Starry Night" a cappella! What a fun show! :) I also got to pick up Michiru's new 7" single of which the A-side is produced by Yann Tomita (Doopees covers!). Photos can be seen at Natalie.

Negicco set list: Space Nekojaracy / futari no yūgi / Pajama Party Night / Route Seven no kioku / Sunshine Nihonkai / atarashii koi no uta / Negative Girls! / attōteki na Style / jiyū ni / Triple! Wonderland

Hoshino Michiru set list: chotto Something New / Half Step / seikan renrakusen ~Night Voyage~ / natsu nandashi / watashi wa Schedy / sakamichi no tochū / Peaberry o mitsuketara / You Love Me / Discothèque ni tsuretette / koshinuke danshi ni I Love You / Idol bakari kikanai de (w/ Negicco) / kono michi de / i-ji-wa-ru Darling / Wonderland / koi no Funfair
Encore: Magic Hour / Wish on a Starry Night (a cappella)

- Then on August 3 was a talk & DJ event with DJ Fukutake at HMV record shop Shibuya. I got the latest mix CD of his "Yava-kayō" series, always a blast! This time the theme is "ondo", a sort of traditional Japanese summer rave music. :)

  Various Artists "Yaba-kayo 3 Non-stop DJ Mix -The Ondo- Mixed by DJ Fukutake"

- On August 7 was Towa Tei's release party for album "CUTE" at montoak, Omotesando. It was a free event sponsored by Perrier! "CUTE" is a great album!

 Towa Tei Towa Tei

Exhibition: Dropped by the "groovisions firstlight" exhibition at Eye of Gyre (Gyre 3F) in Omotesando. It had been a long time since I last saw chappie! Until August 23.

groovisions groovisions chappie

Music release news: Yapani!, Negicco

Yapani! "Salvia feat. P.O.P" Negicco "nee Vardia"

Playlist: Towa Tei, Sunaga t Experience, Kit Cat, DJ Fukutake, Concert, Sunahara Yoshinori, Duck Sauce, Old Monk, YMCK, Chiroline ver.2, CTO LAB., Sugar's Campaign, Pizzicato One, hitomitoi, Reina & The Blue Valentines, ...

Towa Tei "Future Listening! + Future Recall 3" Sunaga t Experience "STE" Kit Cat "Scratch You!" DJ Fukutake "Yava-kayō 3 -ondo hen-" Concert "Headache & Heartburn" SUNAHARA Yoshinori "subliminal" SUNAHARA Yoshinori "liminal" Towa Tei "Sunny" Duck Sauce "Quack" Old Monk "Posing as Love" YMCK "Family Dancing" Chiroline ver.2 "Chit Chat Chiroline" Towa Tei "Cute" CTO LAB. "3 Cycles" Chiroline ver.2 "Last Pajama Party" Sugar's Campaign "Friends" Pizzicato One "watakushi no nijūseiki" hitomitoi "YOUR TIME Route #1" Reina & The Blue Valentines "Lady or Girl?"

This week's videos: Nomiya Maki "Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji ondo"

Negicco "nee Vardia"

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August 1, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #31 (July 25 to 31)

Food: - Chicken curry at Tiri Tiri, Shibuya
- Sandwiches at Camelback, Shibuya
- Chocolate soft ice cream at Pierre Marcolini, Hikarie (Shibuya)
- And a fun & delicious party with wonderful friends! :)

Tiri Tiri Camelback Pierre Marcolini

Music release news: Towa Tei, Especia, CTO LAB., Chiroline ver.2

Towa Tei "Cute" Especia "Aviator / Boogie Aroma" CTO LAB. "3 Cycles" Chiroline ver.2 "Last Pajama Party"

Playlist: Maika Leboutet, Towa Tei, Hoshino Michiru, Sunahara Yoshinori, Doopees, Yann Tomita, Yukihiro Takahashi & Metafive

Maika Leboutet "100 (momo)" Towa Tei "Lucky" HOSHINO Michiru "natsu nandashi" SUNAHARA Yoshinori "lovebeat" Towa TEI "94-14 Covers" Towa Tei "MACH2012" Towa Tei "Big Fun" Doopees "Forever Yann Music Meme 3" Yann Tomita "Music Meme 4 Variations" (CD+DVD) Yukihiro TAKAHASHI & Metafive "Techno Recital" HOSHINO Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage" HOSHINO Michiru "hoshi ga Michiru"

This week's videos:

Chiroline ver.2 "suteki na Girl Meets Girl"

Especia "Aviator / Boogie Aroma"

Towa Tei "Sound of Music" (Short ver.) + "Luv Pandemic"

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July 26, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #30 (July 18 to 24)

Food: - Pizza and salsiccia at Massimottavio, Eifukuchō
- Curry at Indian Canteen Ami, Komazawa-daigaku
- Carrot cake at Merci Bake, Shōin-jinja-mae
- Dinner at Salmon & Trout, Shimokitazawa

Massimottavio Massimottavio Indian Canteen Ami Carrot cake Salmon & Trout Salmon & Trout Salmon & Trout

Music release news: Towa Tei x Leo Imai x Nomiya Maki x Takano Hiroshi, Hoshino Michiru

Hoshino Michiru "natsu nandashi" (CD+7") Towa Tei, Leo Imai, Nomiya Maki, Takano Hiroshi "Intersect By Lexus Records #001"

Playlist: YMCK, Dorian, Vanilla Beans, hitomitoi, Reina & The Blue Valentines, Nomoto Karia, Sugar's Campaign, Hoshino Michiru, The Scooters

YMCK "Family Dancing" Dorian "midori" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans IV" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans II" hitomitoi "Surfbank Social Club" Reina & The Blue Valentines "Lady or Girl?" NOMOTO Karia "Karly" Sugar's Campaign "Friends" HOSHINO Michiru "natsu nandashi" The Scooters "The Scooters NOW !"

This week's videos:

Hoshino Michiru "natsu nandashi"

Kit Cat "Hang Around"

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July 20, 2015

(Not-so-)weekly revue: 2015 weeks #27-29 (June 27 to July 17)

So much good food and so many fun times, and so little time to blog about it! I'm being kept busy all weekends this summer, so updates have been sparse. Here's what I can recall of what has been up!

Food: - "Grandma's meat loaf", homemade sausage w/ homemade crisps, etc. at Bespoque
- A birthday dinner at New York Style restaurant Hoff, Hatsudai
- Sakaki Lab 10th anniversary at Lab and Kitchen, Jinbōchō
- Experimental gelato at Snow Picnic, Nakano
- Japanese Ice Ouca, Ebisu

Bespoque Bespoque Parlour Ekoda Snow Picnic Snow Picnic Japanese Ice Ouca

Music events: - July 1st: "torimatorimae 2015 feat. Kit Cat" at Chelsea Hotel. This was a fun free event celebrating the release of Kit Cat's first CD, "Scratch You!", which is so far only sold at their events. This CD is great and I've had it on repeat a lot the last few weeks! The event also featured The Lady Spade, who played a short but great set. Also I got to see techno-pop idol unit Cupitron (produced by Tobeta Bajune) who I had been curious about, their songs were very good. DJ YounaP! (of Yurumerumo) and early-teen idol group sora tob sakana were also rather fun.

Cupitron set list: denshi keisanki / Battery / Unicorn Parade / Robot Boy Robot Girl

The Lady Spade set list: Black Magic / (E)na / are tabetai na / End of the World / Hungry Army

Kit Cat set list: oshaberi majo (Wordy Rappinhood) / Lily Lies / Space Cat Walk / Fairytale Twin Tale / Hang Around

その名はスペィド Kit Cat Kit Cat

- July 11: Isetan x Keita Maruyama "oshare bon-odori" on the roof of Isetan in Shinjuku. I went there to see an appearance by Nomiya Maki, without quite knowing what to expect. The event was hosted by fashion designer Keita Maruyama who was there thoughout the evening, dancing, singing and greeting guests. The event's music was part DJ, with DJ Peli who did some good "ondo"-oriented mixes, and also there was some live ondo music performed by Shinjuku Roman-za. Maki showed up twice during their set, each time singing a specially arranged ondo version of "Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji (the night is still young)", which including encores she sang a total of 4 times! Of course that's not too much considering that it can't be heard anywhere else. For me this evening really felt like the start of Japanese summer.

おしゃれ盆踊り 野宮真貴 野宮真貴 おしゃれ盆踊り

- July 12: YMCK "Family Dancing" release party at Shibuya WWW. At one of my favorite venues, YMCK played this one-man live featuring all songs from their new album "Family Dancing" and also many other favorites, often rearranged in a more dance-y way to fit the event's theme. This evening I was also happy to meet my good P5ML friend Mai from Thailand again!

Set list: Los Colores De La Vida / Neo Identity / Floor 99 / Darling / John Coltrane wa kaiten mokuba no yume o miru ka / Pixel Voyage / Danba Danba Din Dan / Perfect Device / Time Bomb / Disco Kitsch / Colorful Number / neko ni kakomarete kurashitai / 52 Futures / Unity / You Can Be a Star
Encore: sasetsu shite usetsu shite / Magical 8bit Tour


- July 14: Nakatsuka Takeshi x Batica presents "Delica Lab". Again I got to meet up with my friends from Thailand, and after a quick stop by cat café Nyafé Mélangé we went to Batica. This event was a great opportunity to catch Nakatsuka Takeshi, Ookawara Izumi (both of Qypthone) and also Somethiing New and the Mami Ōnishi Trio. All were great jazzy sets! We also had a good time chatting with the performers thanks to the cozy venue.

中塚武 Something New 大河原泉 大西まみトリオ

Music release news: Sally Soul Stew, The Scooters, "Yaba-kayo 3", Negicco, Recoride

Sally Soul Stew "Joy To The World / Black Coffee" (7"+CD) The Scooters "The Scooters NOW !" (7"+CD) Various Artists "Yaba-kayo 3 Non-stop DJ Mix -The Ondo- Mixed by DJ Fukutake" Negicco "Negicco First Tour 'Never Give Up Girls!!! & Rice&Snow'" (DVD) Recoride "Freshless"

Playlist: "odoru Punch kayo! Showa Girls Garage Party ~ Bazazz tengoku", dip in the pool, Jintana & Emeralds, Pizzicato One, hitomitoi, Kit Cat, Negicco, Duck Sauce, The Scooters, the hair, YMCK, Hoshino Michiru

Various Artists "odoru Punch kayo! Showa Girls Garage Party ~ Bazazz tengoku" dip in the pool "Highwire Walker" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" Pizzicato One "watakushi no nijūseiki" hitomitoi "Pacific High / Aleutian Low" Kit Cat "Scratch You!" Negicco  "Rice&Snow" Duck Sauce "Quack" The Scooters "The Scooters NOW !" the hair "pop concerto for the weekender" YMCK "Family Dancing" YMCK "Family Days" YMCK "Family Cooking" HOSHINO Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage" HOSHINO Michiru "hoshi ga Michiru"

This week's videos:

Towa Tei "Luv Pandemic"

YMCK "You Can Be a Star"

KiWi "Kiwi no uta"

Recoride "kowarenai Paradaisu"

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June 27, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #26 (June 20 to 26)

Food: - Soba at Nakaya, Naka-shi, Ibaraki
- Sri Lankan curry at Coji-coji, Mito, Ibaraki
- Cheeseburger at Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Harajuku

蔵+蕎麦 な嘉屋 コジコジ Teddy's Bigger Burger

New music: Of course I got the new Pizzicato One album! The album is full of brand new arrangements of some of Konishi-san's best songs (P5 and others). I'm very happy with the new covers of favorites such as "T.V.A.G." and "ma vie, l'été de vie", but the best surprise was "Gondola no uta" (aka "The Great Invitations") of which the first half is narrated by Monsieur Kamayatsu and the second half sung by Konishi-san himself!

Pizzicato One "watakushi no nijūseiki"

Playlist: Aira Mitsuki, Chiroline ver.2, Hoshino Michiru meets The Scooters, YMCK, Dorian, Pizzicato One, "uta to Guitar. Piano. kotoba.", Hamada Mari, Denki Groove

Aira Mitsuki "I'll Be Back" Chiroline ver.2 "Forever Chiroline-zaka" HOSHINO Michiru Meets The Scooters "Tokyo Disco Night / koi suru Fortune Cookie" YMCK "Family Genesis" Dorian "midori" Pizzicato One "watakushi no nijūseiki" Various Artists "uta to Guitar. Piano. kotoba." HAMADA Mari "futsuu no hito" Denki Groove "25" Denki Groove "Fallin' Down"

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June 22, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 weeks #24 & #25 (June 6 to 19)

Whoa, I've been too busy to update last week. So here's a late attempt at catching up with a digest of the past two weeks.

Food: - "Taru Bar" event at Tarui Bakery and LIFE son, Sangūbashi
- Curry dinner at Tapir, Shin-Ōkubo, with our friends in visit from Brooklyn!
- Dinner at Malay fūkō bishoku (馬来風光美食), Ogikubo
- Roast chicken club sandwich at The Sandwich House 55, in Shibuya, where can be found a friendly French-speaking Japanese chef

樽場 タピ 馬来風光美食 The Sandwich House 55

Music event: Sally Kubota did a talk & DJ event at Koenji Green Apple, to celebrate the release of two GS compilations he selected. The event was also an early opportunity to grab his band Sally Soul Stew's brand new 7" single "Joy To The World / Black Coffee", of which the A-side was written by Takanami K-taro! And, the B-side is a cover that was selected by DJ Fukutake who also wrote the liner notes. I got there a bit late but at least I caught the 2nd part of the talk show and Jimmy Mashiko's DJ set. I also got Sally's autograph! :)

サリー久保田、新井裕尚、ジミー益子 DJ ジミー益子 Sally Soul Stew

Music release news: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, YMCK, Cornelius

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "KPP 2014 Japan Arena Tour Pamyu Pamyu no Colorful Panic Toy Box" (Blu-ray/DVD) Cornelius "'Ghost In The Shell Shin Gekijoban' O.S.T.", Sakamoto Maaya Cornelius "anata o tamotsu mono / mada ugoku" YMCK "Family Dancing"

Playlist: Aira Mitsuki, (((sssurrounddd))), Dorian, Concert, New Castle, "odoru Showa Beat! GS Wild Party ~ tekuteku tengoku", Sunaga t Experience, Jintana & Emeralds, hitomitoi, "Idol bakari Pizzicato", "odoru Punch kayo! Showa Girls Garage Party ~ Bazazz tengoku", "yoru no Minoru Phone Hour", Vanilla Beans, The Lady Spade, Hoshino Michiru

Aira Mitsuki "6 FORCE" (((sssurrounddd))) "New Age" Dorian "Melodies Memories" Concert "Headache & Heartburn" New Castle "New Castle no e.p." Various Artists "odoru Showa Beat! GS Wild Party ~ tekuteku tengoku" Sunaga t Experience "STE" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" hitomitoi "City Dive" Various Artists "Idol bakari Pizzicato" Various Artists "odoru Punch kayo! Showa Girls Garage Party ~ Bazazz tengoku" Various Artists "yoru no Minoru Phone Hour" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans IV" The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" HOSHINO Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage"

This week's video: YMCK "Family Dancing" trailer

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June 6, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #23 (May 30 to June 5)

Food: - Rhubarb, berry & ginger flapjack tray bake, and upside-down cake at Sunday Bake Shop
- Japanese flavor ice cream at Japanese Ice Ouca, Ebisu
- Boiled ham English muffin sandwich with apple mustard, black cherry brownie, etc. at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano
- Curry lunch plate at Ayurda, Shibuya

Sunday Bake Shop Japanese Ice Ouca Black cherry brownie at Bespoque Ayurda

Exhibitions: - Following last week's Muji exhibition of Rajasthan block-printed fabrics, we went to the Iwatate Folk Textile Museum in Jiyūgaoka where is being held an exhibition titled "White Textiles of the World". Shown are many fabrics from India, Africa, Japan, etc. made with various techniques. This can be seen until July 18.

岩立フォークテキスタイルミュージアム 岩立フォークテキスタイルミュージアム 岩立フォークテキスタイルミュージアム

- Also went to check out "graphical photography by mitsuo shindo", the first photo exhibition of art director Shindō Mitsuo, who did most design for Pizzicato Five and many other Shibuya-kei artists. A must check for all fans! This is on until tomorrow Sunday June 7 at AL Gallery in Daikanyama.

graphical photography by mitsuo shindo graphical photography by mitsuo shindo graphical photography by mitsuo shindo

Music event: I went to see Cibo Matto at Blue Note Tokyo!! Their band featured Nels Cline on guitar, Ohno Yumiko (Buffalo Daughter) on bass, and Yuval Lion on drums. They were accompanied by special guest Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius) on guitar too! And for a few songs by percussionist Cyro Baptista. Despite the show feeling a bit short, that was a wonderful evening!

Set list: Check In / MFN / BBQ / Emerald Tuesday / Moonchild / Déjà-vu / Sci-fi Wasabi / 10th Floor Ghost Girl / Blue Train / Birthday Cake
Encore: Aguas de março / I Zimbra (Talking Heads cover)

Cibo Matto at Blue Note Tokyo Cibo Matto at Blue Note Tokyo Cibo Matto at Blue Note Tokyo

Movie: Went to see the documentary movie "Coming Back For More", which in Japan has a more direct title... "Sly Stone"! The Dutch-narrated movie tells about the career, ups and downs, and the true story of legendary musician Sly Stone. While the movie was made some years ago, the edition being shown here was updated with recent footage from this year, and is said to have been delivered to the theater a day before screenings started..!

Sly Stone movie poster

Music release news: Hanazawa Kana, Original Love

Hanazawa Kana "Blue Avenue" Original Love "Lover Man"

Playlist: CAPSULE, "yoru no Minoru Phone Hour", Cibo Matto, dip in the pool, Especia, frenesi

CAPSULE "Wave Runner" Various Artists "yoru no Minoru Phone Hour" Cibo Matto "Hotel Valentine" dip in the pool "Highwire Walker" Especia "Gusto" frenesi "Märchen"

This week's video: "Sly Stone" trailer

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May 31, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #22 (May 23 to 29)

Food: - Wine lamb chop, Burmese-style bonito carpaccio, asari curry, etc. at Tapir, Ōkubo
- Jumbo gyōza at Tenryū, Ginza
- And more great food with good friends :)

タピ タピ タピ 天龍

Music events: - Went to see Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee at Duo Music Exchange in Shibuya. I wasn't very familiar with either, but the show was great! I personally most enjoyed Ray Barbee's funky playing style. The show ended with a special set of the two which was awesome!

Ray Barbee Tommy Guerrero & Ray Barbee Tommy Guerrero & Ray Barbee

- I also went to see Izumi Ookawara (Qypthone) at Cafein, Asagaya. The event titled "Strawberry Night" was to celebrate the release of recent single "Strawberry Jam" out on iTunes worldwide. That was a fun show, and I had the nice surprise of hearing a cover of "Midnight at the Oasis" that I've always liked a lot!

Set list: Boogaloo Chair / Midnight at the Oasis / I saw the light / Strawberry Jam / Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight / Polka Dot on the Paper / On the Palette

大河原 泉 大河原 泉 大河原 泉

Exhibitions: - Dropped by a one-day exhibition by painter friend Manabe Tarō (aka Picaro Taro) at hair salon SOZO in Harajuku. The walls were filled with his beautiful paintings of cats and dogs. They're actually on display until tomorrow June 1st.

- Also went to Muji in Yurakucho to see an exhibition of block print textiles from Rajasthan (India), which includes some from the Bagru village that we visited. The textiles are provided by Iwatate Hiroko (who runs the Iwatate Folk Textile Museum in Jiyūgaoka). In Bagru we met blockprint artisan Mr. Suraj who told of his ties with Iwatate-san, and was a very welcoming and charming person. The exhibition at Muji goes on until June 28. Details here.

「ラジャスタンのたなごころ ブロックプリント 職人たちの染仕事」展 「ラジャスタンのたなごころ ブロックプリント 職人たちの染仕事」展 「ラジャスタンのたなごころ ブロックプリント 職人たちの染仕事」展 Mr. Block Print

Music release news: Tokyo Killer

Tokyo Killer "Tokyo Killer Street"

Playlist: Tommy Guerrero, Hoshino Michiru meets The Scooters, Lullatone, Nomiya Maki, "Idol bakari Pizzicato", Negicco

Tommy Guerrero "No Mans Land" HOSHINO Michiru Meets The Scooters "Tokyo Disco Night / koi suru Fortune Cookie" Lullatone "The Sounds of Spring" NOMIYA Maki "Miss Maki Nomiya Sings Shibuya-kei Standards" Tommy Guerrero "No Mans Land" Various Artists "Idol bakari Pizzicato" Negicco  "Rice&Snow"

This week's video:

Ray Barbee live collage from his 2014 Japan tour

Tommy Guerrero "Throwing Stones At The Moon" live in Japan in 2014

Izumi Ookawara "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"

Tokyo Killer "Surf Sniper"

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May 24, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #21 (May 16 to 22)

Food: - Apricot pork pie, fish & chips, and curry (finally!) at Bespoque
- Pork curry at Montenvers, Ebisu
- And a fun party with friends who all just got back from trips abroad. :)

Bespoque Bespoque Bespoque Yummy! :)

Music event: I went to a great event titled "Magicant Fes.", hosted by Maika Leboutet and Andersons, held at "yagi ni, kiku?" in Daikanyama. The event not only featured bands but also a market corner selling books and accessories, and there was a free buffet with chicken and curry that was really good!

First to play was Sami Elu, a guy who plays a self-made instrument he calls the Chopstick Piano, it has a really beautiful sound! Next on was jan and naomi, a duo of two guitarists (jan is of the band GREAT3), who played a very pleasant set. At the end they sat at the piano for "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" which was great.

Sami Elu jan and naomi jan and naomi

Then was Andersons, a band that I didn't know but liked instantly. They played a fun set of upbeat tracks with live guitar and keyboards. They're on 80KIDZ' PARK label. I'll definitely be looking out for them. Last was Maika Leboutet, this time playing a set with just her keyboards and drummer Bun-chan. Most of the music was played entirely live, showing off Maika's wonderful keyboard skills. There was a song using a strange speaking puppet that made me very curious. :)

Andersons マイカ・ルブテ マイカ・ルブテ マイカ・ルブテ

Exhibition: I dropped by Music Jacket Gallery 2015 held outside Takashimaya in Shinjuku, and got to see nice displays of works by Shindo Mitsuo (P5! Cornelius! & much more), Groovisions, Enlightenment, ... This ends today (May 24).

Music Jacket Gallery 2015

Music release news: Pizzicato One, Ichikawa Saya, Hoshino Michiru, petit milady

Pizzicato One "watakushi no nijuseiki" Ichikawa Saya "yo ga aketara" Hoshino Michiru "koshinuke danshi ni I Love You" (CD+7") petit milady "cheri*cheri? milady!!"

Playlist: Nosa Reina, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, hitomitoi, Maika Leboutet

NOSA Reina "don't kiss, but yes" Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Mondai Girl" hitomitoi "Pacific High / Aleutian Low" Maika Leboutet "100 (momo)"

This week's video: Maika Leboutet "Open me"

Andersons "Young Love"

Ino Hidefumi + jan and naomi Premium Studio Live (Digest clip)

Sami Elu plays Chopstick Piano

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