February 28, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #9 (February 21 to 27)

Food: - Katsudon at Zuichō, in Shibuya. My Brazilian Pizzicato friend Thiago's last meal before leaving Tokyo to go back home! Btw this was one of the best katsudon I've had. :)
- We went to Bespoque's 3rd anniversary party! The small restaurant was full of happy regulars and we stood for about 5 hours enjoying good food and drinks. Lots of fun!
- Sri Lankan curry lunch plate at Acala.naatha, Nakano
- Okonomiyaki at Tsuchiya, Shinjuku. There was an autograph of Marty Friedman on the wall. :)

かつ丼 Acala.naatha つちや

Music release news: Denki Groove, "Yaba-kayō 2", Especia, Sugar's Campaign, Count Joke, Hideki Kaji x Yakenohara feat. Takagi Masakatsu, "HELLO!!! vol.8"

Denki Groove "Fallin' Down" Various Artists "Yaba-kayō 2 Non-stop DJ Mix -TV Theme hen- Mixed by DJ Fukutake" Especia "Primera" Sugar's Campaign "Holiday" (7"), "tonari Town" (7") Count Joke "LED c/w nagisa" (7"+CD) Hideki Kaji x Yakenohara feat. Takagi Masakatsu "Sound of Felicity" (7"+Download) Various Artists "sube no ana Presents 'HELLO!!! vol.8'"

Playlist: frenesi, Denki Groove, capsule, Vanilla Beans, Bakubaku Dokin, Negicco, Reina & The Blue Valentines, Aira Mitsuki, esu-efu, Sugar's Campaign

frenesi "Dolphino" Denki Groove "25" capsule "STEREO WORXXX" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans IV" Bakubaku Dokin "Bakubaku Dokin" Negicco  "Rice&Snow" Reina & The Blue Valentines "Lady or Girl?" Aira Mitsuki "I'll Be Back" esu-efu "Sing Future" Sugar's Campaign "Friends"

This week's video: Denki Groove "Fallin' Down"

U-zhaan feat. Cornelius "Homesick in Calcutta vol.1"
(also watch vol.2 and vol.3)

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February 22, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #8 (February 14 to 20)

Food: - Falafel hamburger steak set at Vespera's Falafel, Koenji
- Gratin and chocolate cake, and muffins at Magali @ Monami, Nishi-Ogikubo
- Saag & paneer curry at Ghungroo, Omotesando
- And more good food at fun fun birthday parties!

Falafel hamburger steak Magali @ Monami Magali @ Monami Ghungroo

Music events: - On the night of Valentine's Day was DJ Fukutake's pre-release party for his upcoming compilation "Yava-kayō 2", and I went there with Brazilian Pizzicatomania friend Thiago! The event featured DJs Konishi Yasuharu, Sally Kubota and many more, with a live show by Nakano Aya. Konishi-san played two brand new remixes (one for my favorite two-piece idol group!), to be part of compilations that will be released in the following months. It was also a rare chance to see a DJ set by Sally Kubota (my favorite bassist, lately seen playing with The Scooters), if I remember right he played Hoshino Michiru's "kanata e" which always reminds me of Les 5-4-3-2-1. Nakano Aya also did a great show, in the middle of which she couldn't resist interviewing the foreigner standing in the center (me!), of course I said that I love Japanese kayōkyoku. :) DJ Fukutake's set was also awesome, full of groovy tracks! We finished the night watching DJ Jet Baron play Funkot tracks until the morning.

DJ サリー久保田 DJフクタケ なかの綾 DJ 小西康陽

- Then on Friday was an event at Koenji Connection with Elektel friends Polymoog and Ueken. That was a lot of fun too! Ueken played a lot of Pizzicato-related songs, and Polymoog played live keys while DJing. He also gave a preview of new stuff in the works!

Elektel Elektel Elektel

Music release news: Oops... :) Better luck next week!

Playlist: Le Grand Escroc, Reina & The Blue Valentines, Negicco, dip in the pool, Vanilla Beans, Hoshino Michiru, "Sushi Disco", Chromeo mix CD

Le Grand Escroc "Portraits" Reina & The Blue Valentines "Lady or Girl?" Negicco  "Rice&Snow" dip in the pool "Highwire Walker" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans IV" HOSHINO Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage" Various Artists "Sushi Disco" Various Artists "Chromeo: Ce soir on danse!"

This week's video: Noppal "I Luv MaryJane"

Pizzicato Five live in 1989!

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February 15, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #7 (February 7 to 13)

Happy Valentine's Day (a bit late)! I got these wonderful and delicious things! :D

Valentine's Day 2015 Valentine's Day 2015 Valentine's Day 2015 Valentine's Day 2015 Valentine's Day 2015

Food: - Standing izakaya Kido fuji, Koenji
- Three different curries at a friend's curry & DJ event at Koenji Connection
- Mame (beans) course (azuki soup, hirame & hummus carpaccio, soy milk cottage cheese, chickpea tofu, dosa, sanbar, soy milk yogurt, sakekasu & chickpea okura dessert, soy milk masala tea) at Tapir, Shin-Okubo
- Various mutton dishes at Bistro Hitsujiya, Yoyogi
- Lamb curry at Bar Trench, Ebisu

タピ タピ タピ タピ Bistro ひつじや Bistro ひつじや Bistro ひつじや Bar Trench Bar Trench Bar Trench

Music event: - We had the opportunity to see singer Banks live at Ebisu Liquidroom. Great show, songs and voice! Her first album "Goddess" was released in Japan just this month.


Music release news: akiko, Tarte Tatin, Cupitron, Towa Tei, Noppal

akiko "Rockin' jivin' swingin'" Tarte Tatin "Pro Ducer" Cupitron "Battery" Towa Tei "Heaven" (Download) Noppal "I Luv MaryJane / Lazy Sun Day" (7")

Playlist: hitomitoi, Hanae, Reina & The Blue Valentines, Sugar's Campaign, Kinoco Hotel, dip in the pool

hitomitoi "Pacific High / Aleutian Low" Hanae "jikkai Quiz" Reina & The Blue Valentines "Lady or Girl?" Sugar's Campaign "Friends" Kinoco Hotel "Marianne no gyakushū" dip in the pool "Highwire Walker"

This week's video: CAPSULE "Another World"

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February 7, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #6 (January 31 to February 6)

Food: - Curry & biriyani at Halima Kebab Biriyani, Ueno
- Pork curry at Tiri Tiri, Shibuya

ハリマ ケバブ ビリヤニ ハリマ ケバブ ビリヤニ チリチリ

Music events: - First of all, this was Vanilla Beans week! Their new album "Vanilla Beans IV" was released on February 3, to coincide with setsubun (Wikipedia). Many in-store shows were held everyday (with even more this weekend), and I went to see two of these.

On release day, I dropped by the 5th floor of Marui Jam in Shibuya where there is a temporary Vanilla Beans shop (until this Sunday), and then we rushed across the street to Marui City where a mini-live was held. They sang two songs ("Please Me Darling" and "uchōten Girl"), and then they were joined by long-time friend Okite Porsche for some setsubun celebrations. Okite-san was the demon by default (of course), and Rena, Lisa and him threw hundreds of small bags of beans at the crowd to be taken home. :)

バニラビーンズ バニラビーンズ バニラビーンズ
バニラビーンズ & 掟ポルシェ(as 鬼) バニラビーンズ & 掟ポルシェ

The 2nd show I saw was at Tsutaya in Nakano, where they often play a show on Thursday whenever they have a new release. There they sang "tasogare Highball", "Muscat Slope Love", "Fågel och vind" (my favorite so far on the new album) and "Please Me Darling".

- Rewind to Tuesday. After seeing Vanilla Beans we went to Organ b. where Matsuda "Chabe" Gakuji was holding his monthly event "Learner". This time the guest was Kaji Hideki, and the place was packed! It was my first time seeing a live show at Organ b., and there were chairs for the audience to sit. This event has a kind of rehearsal theme. Chabe (and guests) bring sheet music, or play songs they haven't played in years, or covers, etc. and they just play and sing without really practicing first. Actually it's a bit like seeing how they may practice at home, there's no decided set list, and it's ok to stop after a verse and start over. That was a lot of fun! Chabe and Kaji-kun collaborated for several songs too. They also talked about old Shibuya-kei days, when they both worked together at Zest Records in Shibuya, and Kaji-kun taught Chabe how to use the register! I'll definitely go again when the timing is good.

カジヒデキ & チャーべ カジヒデキ & チャーべ カジヒデキ

Music release news: Toshiyuki Yasuda, Reina & The Blue Valentines, Count Joke (jōdan hakushaku)

Toshiyuki Yasuda "Nameless God's Blue" Reina & The Blue Valentines "Lady or Girl?" Count Joke "bird man c/w ameagari" (7"+CD)

Playlist: Jintana & Emeralds, Sugar's Campaign, Shinohara Tomoe, Vanilla Beans, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" Sugar's Campaign "Friends" SHINOHARA Tomoe "Super Model 15th Anniversary" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans IV" Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Pika Pika Fantajin"

This week's video: Reina & The Blue Valentines "hoshi furu oka"

Also check out Original Love's brand new song "Lover Man" here!

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February 1, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #5 (January 24 to 30)

Food: - Yammama at Thai restaurant Pappon Kitchen, Shibuya
- Belgian fries at Pommeke, Gaienmae
- Cookies from Ressources, Asakusa
- Drinks and cakes ("special fruit cake"!) from Sunday Bake Shop :)
- "Himalaya" meat at Takibiya, Shibuya
- Sphinx curry (complete with pyramid of rice) at Gee-ge, Shibuya (see below!)

パッポンキッチン Pommeke! Sunday Bake Shop Special fruits cake! "Himalaya" before "Himalaya" after

Music event: - My first show of the year (except some ukulele and hula shows in Hawaii) was jazz band Emi Necozawa & Sphinx, live at Gee-ge in Shibuya! I've been a fan of Emi for many years (maybe since hearing her song on Sunaga t Experience's "Crouka"), and I was delighted when she started Sphinx a few years ago. Their live album "Pyramidia" (2012) is really awesome, and here finally came my first chance to see them live. All the musicians are truly skillful, and the show was just great! This evening was also a great opportunity to catch up with my Brazilian friend Thiago!

Partial set list: Salé / Zobi la mouche / Madrigal / Syncopation / Zo-wa-z' oiseaux / Röntgen ...

On the way out I got this 12" EP, which has a remix by Miura Makoto (aka Le Grand Escroc / Monsieur Mieurax, who was the DJ for the evening) and 12" mixes different from the album, and Emi's autograph too! Merci beaucoup! :)

Emi NECOZAWA autographed EP! Sphinx curry Sphinx curry (detail)

Exhibitions: - ESOW did a solo exhibition at Tri Gallery in Ochanomizu! (Actually belonged to the previous weekly revue.) Many new works, many on wood and making wonderful use of the knots.


- And a few days later at ESOW's own gallery/shop, Fūraidō in Asakusa, started an exhibition by KYNE, a street artist from Fukuoka who paints faces of beautiful imaginary girls. We went on opening day, and people there were talking about which of them they'd like to date and what kind of personality they might have. Until February 8!


On our way there, we had the chance to grab a limited edition copy of his book "Sui Sui" (Amazon), which comes binded in a wooden cover. It was found at Daikanyama Tsutaya, though maybe this was the last one? ESOW was so kind to autograph a full page of it!

ESOW book "Sui Sui" ESOW book "Sui Sui"

Music release news: dip in the pool, Scha Dara Parr

dip in the pool "Highwire Walker" Scha Dara Parr "1212"


Sugar's Campaign "Friends" Flip Flap "Jungle Django Jumbo" Emi NECOZAWA & Sphinx "Pyramidia" Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Pika Pika Fantajin" Various Artists "Motley Crue-L House"

This week's videos:

Scha Dara Parr "chūyō heibon Punch"

dip in the pool "Bali Ha'i"

Jane Jupiter x Chapman "Stargazing"

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January 25, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #4 (January 17 to 23)

Haha, I skipped two weeks! There's a good reason: I spent the last two weekends in Hawaii! That was quite a nice escape from the winter. Some photos and episodes might follow later, but for now here's the regular weekly revue.

Hawaii Exceptional tree View from Diamond Head

Food: - Chicken curry at Dylan, Ochanomizu
- Egg keema curry lunch at Cochin Nivas, Shinjuku
- Lamb chop, sausage & mash, fish & chips, crème caramel at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano

Chicken curry Egg keema curry Lamb chop Sausage & mashed potatoes Fish & chips Crème caramel

Music release news: "Women's Liberation" (Nomiya Maki, Toki Asako, etc.), Negicco

Various Artists "Women's Liberation" Negicco "Rice&Snow"

Playlist: Kid Cudi, Noppal, Especia, Mansfield, Jintana & Emeralds, The Lady Spade, YMCK, Playtime Rock, Vanilla Beans, hitomitoi

Kid Cudi "A Kid Named Cudi: The Mixtape" Noppal "Summer EP 2015" Especia "Gusto" Mansfield "Golden Hour" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" YMCK "Family Days" YMCK "Family Cooking" TAKANAMI Keitaro to Playtime Rock meets SHIBATA Kenichi "Evening Primrose" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans III" hitomitoi "Snowbank Social Club"

This week's video: Sugar's Campaign "Holiday"

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January 3, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #1 (December 27 to January 2)

Happy New Year 2015! :)


Food: - Sri Lankan curry plate at Acala.naatha
- Curry (Monami's), brown rice doria and croquettes at Magali at Monami, Nishi-Ogikubo
- Chicken and pork curry at Sharidesu
- Last Sunday of 2014 at Sunday Bake Shop :)

Monamiのカレー 玄米ドリア Magali at Monami チキンとポークカレー Sunday Bake Shop

Music event: My last show of the year was Frenesi! It was her last show, at least for a while, and it was really great! I am writing up a report so stay tuned for details sometime soon (hopefully). Meanwhile here's the set list, and a signed photo card I got there.

Set #1: nero / shinonome / Lowrits Arc / watashi no Yes Man / kasō kako / Sprawl / kaisentō / Marchen / Marginal
Set #2: Heart no Earring (w/ small happiness) (cover of Matsuda Seiko) / tashika na koto (w/ small happiness) (cover of Oda Kazumasa) / chikyū kūdōsetsu / fukumen chōsain / tajū jinkaku R / Computer obaachan (cover of Cosmic Invention/Sakai Shūko) / furyō Mannequin (w/ X Shampee) / jobutsu sasete yo (w/ X Shampee) / Gendai
Encore: Pure Shampoo / Inflation / silly joke

フレネシ フレネシ

Gig report: I wrote a gig report of Nomiya Maki's "Shibuya-kei Standards" show held last November! Check it out here.

Music release news: CAPSULE, Towa Tei, Nona Reeves, Charan-Po-Rantan, "Yokocho Rising", Sheena Ringo, clammbon, Vanilla Beans, Crazy Ken Band

CAPSULE "Wave Runner" Towa Tei / She Talks Silence "chaise longue / The Moon", Towa Tei with Shinichi ?sawa "18", DJ Fumiya / Dorian "Get Funky / Shadow of Summer", Towa Tei "94-14 COVERS EP" (7") Nona Reeves "Choice III" Charan-Po-Rantan "Theatre Theatre" Various Artists "Yokocho Rising" Sheena Ringo "hi izuru dokoro" clammbon "Why not clammbon!? ~ clammbon Tribute" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans IV" Crazy Ken Band "Crazy Ken Band no iyoru Jazz Compiled by Tatsuo Sunaga"

Playlist: Octave Minds, Air, Denki Groove x Scha Dara Parr, Noppal

Octave Minds "Octave Minds"Air "Love 2" Denki Groove × Scha Dara Parr "Denki Groove toka Scha Dara Parr"Noppal "Summer EP 2015"

This week's video:

Nomiya Maki with Kaji Hideki "SUMMER BEAUTY 1990" (Flipper's Guitar cover)

CAPSULE "Wave Runner" mega-mix movie

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December 28, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #52 (December 20 to 26)

I'm now on vacation for the end of the year! :) This week had a lot of eating and partying!

Food: - Salmon salad, chicken and quiche at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano
- Chicken and world sausages at Sausage Style Hayari, Ebisu
- Black forest Christmas cake from Acacier
- and more great food at Christmas & Boxing Day parties, and at home :)

Bespoque Bespoque Bespoque Sausage Style Hayari Sausage Style Hayari
クリスマスパーティー クリスマスパーティー Christmas dinner soup Chicken only 🐔 Black Forest cake Christmas cake 2014: Acacier

Playlist: The Lady Spade, frenesi, Ice Choir, Especia

The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" frenesi "gendai" Ice Choir "Afar" Especia "Gusto"

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December 24, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #51 (December 13 to 19)

The end of the year is coming, I've been busy, and a bit lazy. :) So here's last week's revue! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

Merry Christmas!!

Food: - Special dinner at Tapir, Shin-Ōkubo: boudin noir, oysters, curry, etc.

タピ タピ タピ
タピ タピ タピ

Music event: On December 18 was Vanilla Beans' long awaited one-man show. I had bought my own ticket around March! It had been over two years since they did a one-man show, as they had focused on a series of band style shows (in events always featuring another band they chose) during that time, and this was their biggest so far, held at Liquidroom in Ebisu. This show had the first half idol/karaoke style, with the latter half backed by their great VaniBand. Young idol group Tokyo Girls' Style guested for two songs, and then the Supbeans joined for a song.

Their next album was also announced on that day, "Vanilla Beans IV" to be released on February 3rd (setsubun, a day that has to do with beans!). The limited edition will include a DVD of part of this show! Can't wait! :) Below is the set list.

1st set (karaoke + VJ):
Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji (Pizzicato Five cover) / sakasaka Circus / U love Me / koi no Theory / Baby Portable Rock (Pizzicato Five cover) / älskar dig / mō sugu triangle feat. Tokyo Girls' Style / Tokyo Girls' Style "memai" feat. Vanilla Beans / watashi... fukō guse (with Supbeans)

2nd set (with VaniBand):
Kids (MGMT cover) / Night on the Earth / Non-Section / koi no Sniper 007 / Subcul(ture) Girl madoka / Kiss wa me ni shite pō! / kitto ii fuchi / D & D / Choco Mint Flavor Time / Muscat Slope Love / uchōten Girl

Please Me Darling / Nicola


Music release news: Hicksville

Hicksville "Welcome Back"

Playlist: Towa Tei, The Lady Spade, Maika Leboutet, Mansfield, Vanilla Beans, Sunahara Yoshinori

Towa TEI "94-14 Covers" The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" Maika Leboutet "100 (momo)" Mansfield "Golden Hour" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans II" SUNAHARA Yoshinori "lovebeat"

This week's video: Nothing much, so here's a second one from my show the other day. :)

Glad En Mono "red" live at Koenji Connection

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December 14, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #50 (December 6 to 12)

Food: - Chicken rice at Circus, Kunitachi
- Taiyaki at Wakaba, Yotsuya

Chicken rice たい焼き

Exhibition: Went to see street artist PUTS' exhibition at Kojimachi Gallery. PUTS' works often include cute characters, often with a "P" mark. There were about a hundred works shown in the small space, most already sold by the time we went.


Music release news: Negicco, jōdan hakushaku, Kojima Mayumi, NyoROBOtics, hitomitoi, Okada Tohru presents Ukulenica

Negicco "hikari no Spur" jōdan hakushaku "yūrei no Ballad / itsuka dokokade" Kojima Mayumi "On the Road" NyoROBOtics "3 micron no neji" hitomitoi "Pacific High / Aleutian Low" Okada Tohru presents Ukulenica "Phases of the moon ~ Ukulenica meets Moonriders"

Playlist: Nosa Reina, dahlia, Die Doraus Und Die Marinas, hitomitoi, Duck Sauce, Takahashi Yukihiro & Metafive

Reina & The Blue Valentines "hoshi furu oka" NOSA Reina "namida de dekita Christmas" NOSA Reina "don't kiss, but yes" Reina & The Blue Valentines "Space Camera" dahlia "Nude Lumière" dahlia "Beautiful, But Noir" Die Doraus Und Die Marinas "Blumen Und Narzissen" hitomitoi "Pacific High / Aleutian Low" Duck Sauce "Quack" Yukihiro TAKAHASHI & Metafive "Techno Recital"

This week's videos:

Okada Tohru presents Ukulenica "Elephant"

Maika Leboutet "YAYUYO"

Vanilla Beans "uchoten Girl" wallet phone version

Funassyi meets Ozzy Osbourne!

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