April 20, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #16 (April 12 to 18)

Food: - Kerala Bhavan, Nerima
- Bread from Machi no Parlour, Ekoda
- Taco rice at
Quina, Kichijōji
- Omrice at Omakasety, Shibuya

ケララバワン Happy Vishu Special まちのパーラー タコライス オムレツライス

Music event: I went to see Izumi Ookawara (Qypthone)'s show at Star Pine's Café. She had a band of 10 (including herself), with piano, guitar, bass, with 3 brass players (sax/flute, trumpet and trombone) and 3 percussionists! That was great! I was in charge of taking video, so hopefully some might show up later for you to see. :) A few stills for now.


Music release news: Record store day feature (Nosa Reina, Chabe, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & more), Cornelius, Tarte Tatin, Nakatsuka Takeshi, Hoshino Michiru

Record Store Day 2014 in Japan Cornelius "'Ghost In The Shell Arise' Official Soundtrack" (10") Tarte Tatin "Political na ikimonotachi" Nakatsuka Takeshi "Zero no mugen" (Download) Hoshino Michiru "rakuen to kisetsufū" (7"+CD)

Playlist: Stereolab, Kyary Pamyu Pmayu, The Nanbatatin, Duck Sauce

- This week I've been listening to the Duck Sauce album a lot! This is good funky disco house! I like that there are short comedy bits between each track, which makes it yet more yet more fun to listen from start to end.

Stereolab "Not Music" Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "nanda Collection" The Nanbatatin "" Duck Sauce "Quack"

This week's video: Team Syachihoko "ii kurashi"
(Track by Yoshida Tetsuto! Acid!)

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April 12, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #15 (April 5 to 11)

Photo: Last weekend was pretty much the last time to enjoy cherry blossoms. On Saturday we went for a walk around Ochanomizu and Kudanshita, dropping by the Indian Embassy's Sakura Matsuri. And the next day we went to Yoyogi park for a picnic with friends, though we were at first caught by rain, but later it cleared up and we could enjoy some fun picnic time.

桜 桜 桜 Bollywood dancing

Food: - Curry at Dylan, Ochanomizu
- Pork pie, chipotle grilled pork, and trifle at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano

ディラン ビスポーク ビスポーク ビスポーク ビスポーク

Gig report: I wrote a report of Minekawa Takako's solo show I saw last month at Asakusabashi Tensai Sansūjuku. Some photos too! Check it out here.

嶺川貴子 嶺川貴子

Music release news: - Perfume, Nakatsuka Takeshi, Negicco, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Jintana & Emeralds, Shonen Knife

Perfume "Perfume 4th Tour in DOME 'LEVEL3'" (Blu-ray/DVD) Nakatsuka Takeshi "It's Your World / Be Nice To Me" (7") Negicco "Triple! Wonderland" Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Family Party" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" Shonen Knife "arashi no Overdrive"

Playlist: DJ Fukutake, Justice, Cibo Matto, Hanae, hitomitoi, Yukari Fresh, NAKATSUKA Takeshi, ...

DJ Fukutake "yava-kayou" Justice "Audio, Video, Disco" Cibo Matto "Hotel Valentine" Hanae "jikkai Quiz" hitomitoi "Surfbank Social Club" Yukari Fresh "Trefoils Hat" Takeshi NAKATSUKA with Iga-Bang BB "Big Band Back Beat"

This week's videos:

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Family Party"

Shonen Knife "Like A Cat" (English version)

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April 5, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #14 (March 29 to April 4)

Food: - Curry lunch at jicca, Hatagaya
- Avocado and cheese burger, at Brooklyn Parlor, Shinjuku
- Hot cross buns, muffin, and good coffee at the renewed & moved Sunday Bake Shop! (Photos of the new shop)

ナスと豚肉のパテ ドライキーマカレー Brooklyn Parlor Sunday Bake Shop

Music events: I saw Cibo Matto! Twice!! The first time was a free DJ event at Brooklyn Parlor, where Yuka and Miho DJ'd while guests enjoyed a meal or drinks. There was a merch table where they sold the new album and T-shirts. I got an autograph and a photo with them, and a cool new T-shirt! :)

The 2nd time I saw them was for a free in-store event at Tower Records Shinjuku on a rainy evening. The place was quite packed nevertheless! They played "Sugar Water", "Check In" and "10th Floor Ghost Girl"! The new album is really amazing, I love it! Now I can't wait to see a full show of theirs, and May 20 should be the day, hopefully! They'll play at Liquidroom in Ebisu. I also heard that they'll play at Blue Note in August.

Cibo Matto Cibo Matto w/ Cibo Matto

Art event: I dropped by Volcom in Harajuku for "DYZ featured ARTIST TEE release EXHIBITION". There was an event with live painting by ESOW, HITOTZUKI, DISKAH, MADSAKI and Naomi Kazama. The shop had a skateboard ramp setup inside, and the artists progressively layered their work on the wall behind. T-shirts by each of the artists are also being sold at the shop.

Music release news: Un Amin, Idiot Pop, Orland, Sunaga Tatsuo (Bethlehem compilations), Perfume (live Blu-ray/DVD)

Un Amin "Hakone ni shiyōka EP" Idiot Pop "Universe" Orland "Fragment Of Romance" Various Artists "Bethlehem no yoru Jazz: Compiled by Tatsuo Sunaga", "Sunaga Tatsuo presents Revisit -Bethlehem-" Perfume "Perfume 4th Tour in DOME 'LEVEL3'" (Blu-ray/DVD)

Playlist: Denki Groove, Cibo Matto, Dorian, (((sssurrounddd))), Kinoco Hotel

Denki Groove "Human Beings and Animals" Cibo Matto "Hotel Valentine" Dorian "midori" Dorian "Studio Vacation" (((sssurrounddd))) "New Age" Kinoco Hotel "Marianne no kōkotsu" Kinoco Hotel "Marianne no kyūjitsu" Kinoco Hotel "Marianne no yūutsu"

This week's videos:

Negicco "Triple! Wonderland"

Orland "Fragment Of Romance"

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March 30, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #13 (March 22 to 28)

Food: - Broccolini curry, sambar, strawberry bread at Tapir, Ōkubo
- Maharaja nan pizza, etc. at Yaruki, Nakano
- Meals at Kerala no kaze, Ōmori
- Last Sunday was the last day at Sunday Bake Shop's old address! From March 30 it's nearby at 1-58-7 Honmachi, Shibuya-ku (map).

タピ ナンピザ ケララの風  Sunday Bake Shop

Exhibition: - Went to see a solo exhibition by ESSU at Black Dallas, a clothing shop in Kamata. Many paintings by the artist are on display, this time more focusing on the calligraphy side, but still several feature the characteristic faces ESSU is most recognized for. T-shirts and keychains are also available. This exhibition goes on until April 6!


New music: - Cibo Matto "Hotel Valentine"! Finally got my hands on the Japanese edition (sorry for having been lazy). This album is really great, all built around a concept of a ghost in a hotel. The Japanese edition comes with 2 bonus tracks, a funny spoken track, and the other is a dance track set in an izakaya with Sakamoto Ryuichi, Oyamada Keigo and others

Also I'm delighted that Cibo Matto are in town, and they have events coming next week (April 1st at Brooklyn Parlor in Shinjuku, and April 3rd at Tower Records Shinjuku)! I'm really looking forward to see them again! Last time I saw Cibo Matto was in Montreal for the "Stereotype A" tour, though I've seen Yuka and Miho separately in Tokyo a few times since.

- I also got Hanae "jikkai Quiz" which I had been curious about since seeing her live at "Harajuku Kawaii Matsuri" last year. Produced by the same ex-sōtaiseiriron members as Tarte Tatin's "Tetrad", this album has a quite similar sound which I'm happy to get some more of!

Cibo Matto "Hotel Valentine" Hanae "jikkai Quiz"

Music release news: Yakenohara, "Sushi Disco", Mizuka, Gota Nishidera

Yakenohara "Self-Portrait" Various Artists "Sushi Disco" Mizuka "Marshmallow Closet" Gota Nishidera "Temple St."

Playlist: Riow Arai, CAPSULE, Chromeo, Cibo Matto, Hanae

Riow Arai "Drum Dub Delay" CAPSULE "CAPS LOCK" Chromeo "She's In Control" Cibo Matto "Hotel Valentine" Hanae "jikkai Quiz"

This week's videos:

Hoshino Michiru "hanashite,,,"

YMCK "neko ni kakomarete kurashitai"

Horie Hirohisa "Back to Back"

Shonen Knife "Bad Luck Song"

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March 22, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #12 (March 15 to 21)

Food: - Chicken curry at Bombay Bazar, Daikanyama
- Chettinad fish curry, spinach & egg rice and gobi 65 at Cochin Nivas, Shinjuku
- Curry gratiné at Stone, Asakusabashi
- Broccolini (nanohana) curry at Tapir, Shin-Ōkubo

Chicken curry Cochin Nivas Cochin Nivas 焼きカレー タピ

Music events: - On Saturday March 15 was a free in-store morning live show at the Daikanyama Tsutaya book store, featuring frenesi and blue marble! I couldn't see so well from the back of the small seated space, but that was a really nice show, and a nice way to start the day. frenesi first played 3 songs accompanied by pianist Shock Tarō (of blue marble), and then blue marble played a full set of 7 songs. There was also an autograph session where I got to say hi to frenesi and blue marble's singer Takei Mariko.

frenesi set list: 8jihan no Take / Go Ropeway / Lowitz Arc
blue marble set list: mimei sensō / an no un / Ribbon / Party no hōteishiki / boy MEETS girl / super star shooter (new song for upcoming game) / Gerda no hatsukoi

(Takei Mariko can be seen live on April 11 at Shibuya Lotus. frenesi has a double event on May 3 at Daikanyama Loop. Tickets are on sale.)

blue marble フレネシ frenesi & I

- And I also went to see a solo show of Minekawa Takako, a synth artist I've been a huge fan of for a long time. I have seen her a few times last year with Dustin Wong (with who she released album "Toropical Circle", live report here), but it was my first time seeing her solo. This was part of an event themed around cassette tapes and boomboxes, and she used these throughout her set. I plan to write a report of this show so stay tuned! Oh, and I got to meet her again! :)

The exhibition at Sansūjuku is on until March 31, info here.

Music release news: Sunaga Tatsuo jazz-samba mix, Gotch, "Free Throw Compilation vol.3", Hoshino Michiru, Kikuchi Naruyoshi to Pepe Tormento Azucarar, Ozawa Kenji

Tatsuo Sunaga "Jazz Samba ~Vinyl Junkies Only vol.2~" Gotch "Wonderland / fushigi no kuni" (7"+CD) Various Artists "Free Throw Compilation vol.3" Hoshino Michiru "hanashite,,," (7"+CD) Kikuchi Naruyoshi to Pepe Tormento Azucarar "senzen to sengo" (CD+DVD) Ozawa Kenji "warera, toki"

Playlist: frenesi, Nosa Reina, nakayoshi group, Tarte Tatin, Minekawa Takako

frenesi "Dolphino" NOSA Reina "don't kiss, but yes" nakayoshi group "The Jesus vs Cheatman" Tarte Tatin "The Gutenberg Galaxy" MINEKAWA Takako "Cloudy Cloud Calculator"

This week's videos:

EA "Akita"

Hoshino Michiru "hanashite,,,"

Minekawa Takako "Destron"

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March 15, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #11 (March 8 to 14)

It's about time!

Early blossoms

Food: - Lunch with agneau and quiche at Bistrot de Bave, Kagurazaka
- Falafel pita sandwich at Kuumba du Falafel, Shibuya
- Sushi at Sushi Dai (honkan), Tsukiji
- Cakes from Sunday Bake Shop
- Fun home party with lots of delicious food!

Quiche Agneau Falafel pita sandwich Sunday Bake Shop

Exhibition: Dropped by an exhibition by Aida Makoto. Mainly featured was his latest film 「土人@男木島」 ("dojin @ Ogijima", 48 min., 2013), about a group of indigenous people who time-slip to our time in a southern island in Japan, and are followed by a TV crew and reporter. The movie was quite silly, I liked it. :)

Music release news: "NHK dai! tensai terebi-kun MTK the 18th", "Snow Monkey Beer Live!", Nakatsuka Takeshi with Iga-Bang BB (7"), Tempura Kidz, Omodaka, Dempa

Various Artists "NHK dai! tensai terebi-kun MTK the 18th" Various Artists "Snow Monkey Beer Live!" Nakatsuka Takeshi with Iga-Bang BB "Just A Pretty Song / Across The Universe" (7") Tempura Kidz "minna no Dance uta" Omodaka "Bridge Song" Dempa "sakura appare-tion"

Playlist: Nomoto Karia, The Nanbatatin, blue marble, frenesi, Sunahara Yoshinori

NOMOTO Karia "Karly" The Nanbatatin "" blue marble "full color" frenesi "Dolphino" SUNAHARA Yoshinori "lovebeat"

This week's video: Dempa "Fancy hoppe u-fu-fu"

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March 8, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #10 (March 1 to 7)

The weather is still very cold, we even had a bit of snow yesterday(!), but some blossoms (either cherry or plum) have started showing up hopefully to announce that spring is on the way.

Food: - Lunch at Acala.naatha, Nakano
- Wendy's in Roppongi (the one in Harajuku closed down a little while ago)

Roppongi Wendy's

Performance: On Saturday I went to see a performance by Yokomachi Keiko (actress and choreographer, ex-Romantica) and Yamakawa Fuyuki (musician and performance artist). I hadn't realized when I met Keiko in January, but she is affected by a stroke. The performance titled "Asymmetria" was all about her brain that has lost track of her left arm. It was very personal and rather dramatic.

The set was paced with sounds and lights triggered by Fuyuki. Also on stage was respiratory aid machine Puritan Bennett 7200 (aka "Pyu-chan"), something you'd usually expect to see in a hospital. It was a customized version Fuyuki has robotized to make it roll around radio-controlled, and he made it converse with the actress.

The performance did leave me a bit sad, and also concerned that this could probably happen to anyone. Our link with our own arms and legs might be more fragile than we think? Also it made me feel Keiko's courage and determination, recently returning on stage after some years of physical therapy. This was a very unique show, full of little surprises, and I'm glad I had the chance to see it.

Music event: I went to see hitomitoi's "Snowbank Social Club" show at Billboard! This has been her formula for the last 3 albums (starting with "City Dive" and "Surfbank Social Club"), offering a live version of each entire album. Again this time she was backed by members of Nona Reeves, and there were guest appearances by cool rapper Punpee and talkbox player BTB (of Luvraw & BTB). The show finished with "konayuki no Spur", a great song written by the late Bice.

Set list: Catch Me in the Snow / Winter Rouge Mellow / Silver Wind / Snow Storm Loneliness / Frozen Horizon / Chocolate Neverland / Diamond Dust / (Snowbank Social Club) / Night Flight Telephone Call feat. Punpee / Park Suite feat. BTB / Awakening Town
Encore: Feel Like Bayside Love feat. BTB / konayuki no Spur

Music release news: Cibo Matto, Konishi Yasuharu, "More! Electronic Disney Music", Hanazawa Kana, kotringo, Concert, "dai! tensai terebi-kun"

Cibo Matto "Hotel Valentine" Konishi Yasuharu "'senryokugai sōsakan' Original Soundtrack" Various Artists "More! Electronic Disney Music" Hanazawa Kana "25" kotringo "dare ka watashi o" Concert "Headache and Heartburn" Various Artists "NHK dai! tensai terebi-kun MTK the 18th"

Playlist: Negicco, Pizzicato Five, Latin Quarter, Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong, Kavinsky, Kinbara Chieko

Negicco "Melody Palette" Pizzicato Five "The International Playboy & Playgirl Record" Latin Quarter "Juicy Sunset Mix 2" Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong "Toropical Circle" Kavinsky "Outrun" Kinbara Chieko "Strings of Life" Kinbara Chieko "Velvet Night ~ Pray For Strings"

This week's video: Un Amin "hakone ni shiyō ka"

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India 2014 #1: Kerala

From February 15 to 24, we went on a trip to India, our 3rd to date! Before we visited southeast (Chennai, Pondycherry, Auroville), then the north (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur), and this time we went to the southwest, in the state of Kerala. We stayed mainly in Fort Cochin (part of the city of Kochi, previously named Cochin), with a 2-day trip to Alappuzha (aka Alleppey).

Most of the people we met in Kerala were quite nice, friendly and helpful (except that some rickshaw drivers can be a little bit pushy). Many people and kids greet you "hello!" on the street, sometimes wanting to take a photo together. Fort Cochin was a very nice place to walk around. Many cats (and goats)! We also saw some nice beaches in Alleppey and Mararikulam (Marari Beach). Kerala seems to be mainly a relaxed place.

Fort Cochin a row of house boats cats and a fish wala

Twice we had no hotel plans, and ended up at guest houses that weren't bad at all. Prince Homely Stay in Alleppey (some guy from there came to talk to us when we arrived at the bus station) was cheap and fine with friendly hosts. While a bit more pricey in Fort Cochin we stayed a night at Silverweed Homestay (this one we had booked in advance) where the family welcomed us warmly, and we could enjoy grandma's idli and sambar breakfast.

Silverweed Homestay Silverweed Homestay

A day on a houseboat

In Alleppey, the houseboats are a common attraction. These are truly like a small house on a boat, complete with a bedroom, bathroom and electricity. The system is that they all depart around 11am, to come back around 9am the next day. The boat stops during meals, and docks somewhere for the night. Alleppey's "Boat Jetty" seems to be the main place where to find a ride, near the town's bus station, but during our stay in Fort Cochin we were given a contact for someone in a slightly remote place (River Lap Cruise in Pallathuruthy) and we decided to give it a try. The boat wasn't one of the best (looking at others), but it wasn't bad at all, even with air conditioning in the bedroom (which we didn't really need though). The 3-man crew was friendly although they didn't speak so much English. It just felt good and relaxing to spend a whole day sitting around and looking at the scenery.

a row of house boats India bed room w/AC

Mattancherry art scene

We took a walk from Fort Cochin to Mattancherry, kind of randomly. Part of Mattancherry is full of tourists, but we ended up finding several galleries and art-related places on Bazaar Road where young creative people hang out. Backyard Civilization is a very nice gallery. Also we enjoyed drinks at Springr Café, where local musicians have their own recording studio. There seems to be several places with artists-in-residence.

India India India
Backyard Civilization

Springr Cafe Springr Cafe Springr Cafe
Springr Café

The food

We had great meals at The Brunton Boatyard hotel, part of the CGH Earth Group (we heard that all of their restaurants are quite good), and also at Old Harbour Hotel which has a beautiful inner garden with a pool and cats roaming around. At the latter, we had the chance to see a tabla & flute show while we ate.

The Brunton Boatyard The Brunton Boatyard The Brunton Boatyard
The Brunton Boatyard

India India India 猫
Old Harbour Hotel

On the cheaper side, we had some good biriyani at Kayees (Ernakulum location) with our friend Momo-chan on our first night. And yet cheaper, we enjoyed some vada and snacks at a shop on the corner of some main streets in Fort Kochi (Pullupalam Rd & TM Muhammad Rd), and we also ate at some very local restaurants that seemed to be popular with local middle-aged men.

Chicken biriyani fresh vada! thali Breakfast

The food on our boat, cooked by our dedicated chef, was also very good!

lunch in a house boat banana frites and masala chai Dinner in a house boat

More photos at Flickr.

Tabla & flute concert at Old Harbour Hotel, Fort Cochin

Houseboat in Alleppey

Duck delivery? in Alleppey

Bus ride on the way from Mararikulam towards Cochin

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March 1, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 weeks #8-9 (February 15 to 28)

Skipped a week, there's a reason...! :)

India: We went on a trip to India for about 10 days! This was our 3rd time to visit this country, and this time we were mainly in the state of Kerala, staying in Kochi (aka Cochin) and also spending a night on a houseboat near Alappuzha (aka Alleppey). Our journey ended with a few nights in Jaipur (where we went last time) and then dropping by Delhi for a day. This was a great trip, with lots of good food and interesting encounters. We also got to see Pizzicatomania friend Momo-chan in Kochi, and ran into Salam Unagami at the airport.

Photos are up at Flickr, videos on YouTube, and even some GPS maps here (if anyone's interested). :) I'll hopefully post some details about the trip here soon, so stay tuned!

India India 3 amigos

chai wala India India India

New music: I got DJ Fukutake (aka friend Fukuta Takeshi (8-bits))'s non-stop mix CD "yaba-kayō"! It's full of the lesser known Japanese songs from the 70's and 80's, and only ones that are good for a fun "yabai!" party mood. Highly recommended!

Various Artists "yaba-kayō Super Nonstop Mix ~Mixed by DJ Fukutake"

Music release news: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
(lots of other releases to catch up with... ohh...)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Yume No Hajima Ring Ring"

- Also don't miss this Hatsune Miku pocket keyboard gadget coming in April!

This week's videos:

hitomitoi "Snowbank Social Club" short film music video

Kathputli (Rajasthan puppets)
Outside Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India on February 21

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February 14, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #7 (February 8 to 14)

Last weekend we got a lot of snow, and then it went away, and then today again it's snowing a lot!

雪 雪
Btw, I didn't make this snowman! Just found it on the street. :)

Food: - Curry & more at South Indian restaurant Pondy Bhavan, Musashi-Niita
- Curry lunch plate at Sri Lankan restaurant Acala.naatha, Nakano
- Cottage pie, pork & apricot pie, spicy chicken, fish & chips, etc. at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano

Lemon rice Dosa Pondy chicken Pondy Bhavan Curry lunch plate Cottage pie Pork & apricot pie Spicy chicken Fish & chips

New music: Some free tracks for Valentine's day! Grab them right now before it's too late. :) & Happy Valentine's Day!


- Fantastic Explosion "Chocolate 2014" remake by Yoshida Tetsuto

- Find more at Make Believe Melodies!

Music release news: Kinbara Chieko, DJ Fukutake, Wonder Headz

Kinbara Chieko "Sunaga t Experience digs Chieko Kinbara ~Chieko Kinbara Jazz Remixes", "Just Like Love Remixes ~Chieko Kinbara House Remixes" Various Artists "yaba-kayō Super Nonstop Mix ~Mixed by DJ Fukutake" Wonder Headz "wonder wanderer"

Playlist: hitomitoi, blue marble, The Nanbatatin, Aira Mitsuki, esu-efu

hitomitoi "Snowbank Social Club" blue marble "full color" The Nanbatatin "" Aira Mitsuki "I'll Be Back" esu-efu "Sing Future"

This week's videos:

Sugar's Campaign "otokano"

Wonder Headz "wonder wanderer"

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