January 25, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #4 (January 17 to 23)

Haha, I skipped two weeks! There's a good reason: I spent the last two weekends in Hawaii! That was quite a nice escape from the winter. Some photos and episodes might follow later, but for now here's the regular weekly revue.

Hawaii Exceptional tree View from Diamond Head

Food: - Chicken curry at Dylan, Ochanomizu
- Egg keema curry lunch at Cochin Nivas, Shinjuku
- Lamb chop, sausage & mash, fish & chips, crème caramel at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano

Chicken curry Egg keema curry Lamb chop Sausage & mashed potatoes Fish & chips Crème caramel

Music release news: "Women's Liberation" (Nomiya Maki, Toki Asako, etc.), Negicco

Various Artists "Women's Liberation" Negicco "Rice&Snow"

Playlist: Kid Cudi, Noppal, Especia, Mansfield, Jintana & Emeralds, The Lady Spade, YMCK, Playtime Rock, Vanilla Beans, hitomitoi

Kid Cudi "A Kid Named Cudi: The Mixtape" Noppal "Summer EP 2015" Especia "Gusto" Mansfield "Golden Hour" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" YMCK "Family Days" YMCK "Family Cooking" TAKANAMI Keitaro to Playtime Rock meets SHIBATA Kenichi "Evening Primrose" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans III" hitomitoi "Snowbank Social Club"

This week's video: Sugar's Campaign "Holiday"

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January 3, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #1 (December 27 to January 2)

Happy New Year 2015! :)


Food: - Sri Lankan curry plate at Acala.naatha
- Curry (Monami's), brown rice doria and croquettes at Magali at Monami, Nishi-Ogikubo
- Chicken and pork curry at Sharidesu
- Last Sunday of 2014 at Sunday Bake Shop :)

Monamiのカレー 玄米ドリア Magali at Monami チキンとポークカレー Sunday Bake Shop

Music event: My last show of the year was Frenesi! It was her last show, at least for a while, and it was really great! I am writing up a report so stay tuned for details sometime soon (hopefully). Meanwhile here's the set list, and a signed photo card I got there.

Set #1: nero / shinonome / Lowrits Arc / watashi no Yes Man / kasō kako / Sprawl / kaisentō / Marchen / Marginal
Set #2: Heart no Earring (w/ small happiness) (cover of Matsuda Seiko) / tashika na koto (w/ small happiness) (cover of Oda Kazumasa) / chikyū kūdōsetsu / fukumen chōsain / tajū jinkaku R / Computer obaachan (cover of Cosmic Invention/Sakai Shūko) / furyō Mannequin (w/ X Shampee) / jobutsu sasete yo (w/ X Shampee) / Gendai
Encore: Pure Shampoo / Inflation / silly joke

フレネシ フレネシ

Gig report: I wrote a gig report of Nomiya Maki's "Shibuya-kei Standards" show held last November! Check it out here.

Music release news: CAPSULE, Towa Tei, Nona Reeves, Charan-Po-Rantan, "Yokocho Rising", Sheena Ringo, clammbon, Vanilla Beans, Crazy Ken Band

CAPSULE "Wave Runner" Towa Tei / She Talks Silence "chaise longue / The Moon", Towa Tei with Shinichi ?sawa "18", DJ Fumiya / Dorian "Get Funky / Shadow of Summer", Towa Tei "94-14 COVERS EP" (7") Nona Reeves "Choice III" Charan-Po-Rantan "Theatre Theatre" Various Artists "Yokocho Rising" Sheena Ringo "hi izuru dokoro" clammbon "Why not clammbon!? ~ clammbon Tribute" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans IV" Crazy Ken Band "Crazy Ken Band no iyoru Jazz Compiled by Tatsuo Sunaga"

Playlist: Octave Minds, Air, Denki Groove x Scha Dara Parr, Noppal

Octave Minds "Octave Minds"Air "Love 2" Denki Groove × Scha Dara Parr "Denki Groove toka Scha Dara Parr"Noppal "Summer EP 2015"

This week's video:

Nomiya Maki with Kaji Hideki "SUMMER BEAUTY 1990" (Flipper's Guitar cover)

CAPSULE "Wave Runner" mega-mix movie

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December 28, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #52 (December 20 to 26)

I'm now on vacation for the end of the year! :) This week had a lot of eating and partying!

Food: - Salmon salad, chicken and quiche at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano
- Chicken and world sausages at Sausage Style Hayari, Ebisu
- Black forest Christmas cake from Acacier
- and more great food at Christmas & Boxing Day parties, and at home :)

Bespoque Bespoque Bespoque Sausage Style Hayari Sausage Style Hayari
クリスマスパーティー クリスマスパーティー Christmas dinner soup Chicken only 🐔 Black Forest cake Christmas cake 2014: Acacier

Playlist: The Lady Spade, frenesi, Ice Choir, Especia

The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" frenesi "gendai" Ice Choir "Afar" Especia "Gusto"

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December 24, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #51 (December 13 to 19)

The end of the year is coming, I've been busy, and a bit lazy. :) So here's last week's revue! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

Merry Christmas!!

Food: - Special dinner at Tapir, Shin-Ōkubo: boudin noir, oysters, curry, etc.

タピ タピ タピ
タピ タピ タピ

Music event: On December 18 was Vanilla Beans' long awaited one-man show. I had bought my own ticket around March! It had been over two years since they did a one-man show, as they had focused on a series of band style shows (in events always featuring another band they chose) during that time, and this was their biggest so far, held at Liquidroom in Ebisu. This show had the first half idol/karaoke style, with the latter half backed by their great VaniBand. Young idol group Tokyo Girls' Style guested for two songs, and then the Supbeans joined for a song.

Their next album was also announced on that day, "Vanilla Beans IV" to be released on February 3rd (setsubun, a day that has to do with beans!). The limited edition will include a DVD of part of this show! Can't wait! :) Below is the set list.

1st set (karaoke + VJ):
Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji (Pizzicato Five cover) / sakasaka Circus / U love Me / koi no Theory / Baby Portable Rock (Pizzicato Five cover) / älskar dig / mō sugu triangle feat. Tokyo Girls' Style / Tokyo Girls' Style "memai" feat. Vanilla Beans / watashi... fukō guse (with Supbeans)

2nd set (with VaniBand):
Kids (MGMT cover) / Night on the Earth / Non-Section / koi no Sniper 007 / Subcul(ture) Girl madoka / Kiss wa me ni shite pō! / kitto ii fuchi / D & D / Choco Mint Flavor Time / Muscat Slope Love / uchōten Girl

Please Me Darling / Nicola


Music release news: Hicksville

Hicksville "Welcome Back"

Playlist: Towa Tei, The Lady Spade, Maika Leboutet, Mansfield, Vanilla Beans, Sunahara Yoshinori

Towa TEI "94-14 Covers" The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" Maika Leboutet "100 (momo)" Mansfield "Golden Hour" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans II" SUNAHARA Yoshinori "lovebeat"

This week's video: Nothing much, so here's a second one from my show the other day. :)

Glad En Mono "red" live at Koenji Connection

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December 14, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #50 (December 6 to 12)

Food: - Chicken rice at Circus, Kunitachi
- Taiyaki at Wakaba, Yotsuya

Chicken rice たい焼き

Exhibition: Went to see street artist PUTS' exhibition at Kojimachi Gallery. PUTS' works often include cute characters, often with a "P" mark. There were about a hundred works shown in the small space, most already sold by the time we went.


Music release news: Negicco, jōdan hakushaku, Kojima Mayumi, NyoROBOtics, hitomitoi, Okada Tohru presents Ukulenica

Negicco "hikari no Spur" jōdan hakushaku "yūrei no Ballad / itsuka dokokade" Kojima Mayumi "On the Road" NyoROBOtics "3 micron no neji" hitomitoi "Pacific High / Aleutian Low" Okada Tohru presents Ukulenica "Phases of the moon ~ Ukulenica meets Moonriders"

Playlist: Nosa Reina, dahlia, Die Doraus Und Die Marinas, hitomitoi, Duck Sauce, Takahashi Yukihiro & Metafive

Reina & The Blue Valentines "hoshi furu oka" NOSA Reina "namida de dekita Christmas" NOSA Reina "don't kiss, but yes" Reina & The Blue Valentines "Space Camera" dahlia "Nude Lumière" dahlia "Beautiful, But Noir" Die Doraus Und Die Marinas "Blumen Und Narzissen" hitomitoi "Pacific High / Aleutian Low" Duck Sauce "Quack" Yukihiro TAKAHASHI & Metafive "Techno Recital"

This week's videos:

Okada Tohru presents Ukulenica "Elephant"

Maika Leboutet "YAYUYO"

Vanilla Beans "uchoten Girl" wallet phone version

Funassyi meets Ozzy Osbourne!

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December 6, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #49 (November 29 to December 5)

December 1st marked 14 years living in Japan! Yay!

Music events: - On Saturday (November 29) was event "ELEKTEL's Lounge vol.3" at Koenji Connection. I had the great pleasure to be invited as a guest DJ, and I took the opportunity to also play a few Glad En Mono songs on my old Concertmate-600 synth (a Casio MT-100 OEM). It was a lot of fun and I had some positive comments afterwards. This was my first time to play music live in Japan, hopefully not the last. :)

My DJ set was something like this:
- Naka Shigeo "Nocturne"
- Comoesta Yaegashi "Too much on my mind"
- Hosaka Akane "uchū no korisu-chan"
- Rodion "Solenoid (Original Mix)"
- Sugar's Campaign "Holiday"
- Kero Kero Bonito "Build It Up"
- Bakubaku Dokin "Beefsteak"
- Dorian "Onsen Holiday"
- playtime rock "GO!GO! Kikaradi-tan"
- "Lelemon no Theme" (by Hasebe Novko & Isoda Osamu)
- Pizzicato Five "Marble Index"
- Fantastic Explosion "Hope"
- Dorian "Nasty Ice Cream"

polymoog DJ HALa9000 ウエケン

- Then on Monday, I went to see Ookawara Izumi (Qypthone)'s solo show at "Yagi ni, kiku?" in Daikanyama. Nevermind the calm café atmosphere, Izumi gave an energetic show, even pushing the tempo faster than usual. I had a great time! I also enjoyed sax-and-guitar unit Bossa Neko, and squirrel character Melody-chan (& friends) the event was about. Izumi plans to release a new song on iTunes in January!

めろでぃーちゃん 大河原泉と仲間たち 大河原泉と仲間たち ぼっさねこ

Exhibition: Went to see "Otomo Yoshihide: Between Music and Art" at NTT ICC. The exhibition mainly features a large dark room with a white box in the center. Musician shadows are on projected on each side, and the according music is heard in the room. Kahimi Karie is one of them.

Food: - Gobi 65, onion cheese pakora, garlic mushroom mutton curry and black chana rice at Cochin Nivas
- Pizza slices at Pizza Slice, Shibuya
- Mince meat cake, brownies and molasses breadman from Sunday Bake Shop

コチン・ニヴァース コチン・ニヴァース Pizza Slice Sunday Bake Shop

Music release news: P.O.P, Sugar's Campaign, EmiLy, Reina & The Blue Valentines, Maika Leboutet

P.O.P "Watch Me" (7") P.O.P "fuyuzora to utagoe wa kirei na hou ga ii" (Download) Sugar's Campaign "Holiday" (Download) EmiLy "colorful ribbon" Reina & The Blue Valentines "Space Camera" (7"+CD-R+DVD) Maika Leboutet "100 (momo)"

Playlist: Taketatsu Ayana, The Lady Spade, Prince, Sugar's Campaign, Hoshino Michiru Meets The Scooters, Maika Leboutet, P.O.P, Ice Choir

TAKETATSU Ayana "apple symphony" The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" Sugar's Campaign "Netokano" Maika Leboutet "100 (momo)" Ice Choir "Afar"

This week's video:

Glad En Mono "Glad En G (仮)" live at Koenji Connection
(One more here, and the whole show on Ustream here)

Maika Leboutet "Open Me"

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November 29, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #48 (November 22 to 28)

Outing: Spent last weekend in Ibaraki countryside, enjoying some autumn colors and the Scarecrow Festival that featured various characters made in hay (sometimes). Had great soba and local brand beef (Hitachi beef) and pork (Rose pork) too!

紅葉 紅葉 紅葉

かかし祭 かかし祭 かかし祭 かかし祭

Food: - Soba and tenpura
- Hitachi beef and Rose pork at Iijima

天ざる蕎麦 常陸牛ステーキ&ローズポークハンバーグ

Music event: I went to see Hoshino Michiru! The event was also a release party for a collaboration 7" single with The Scooters, covers of "Tokyo Disco Night" (The Scooters' classic rearranged) and "koi suru Fortune Cookie" (post-Michiru AKB48 hit). The 7" is only sold at shows for the time being. The event also featured The Scooters, Kinoco Hotel and Wack Wack Rhythm Band (who also joined during Michiru's set), with DJs Konishi Yasuharu and Fukutake! That was an awesome event full of music that I love. Check out the all-star curtain call!

星野みちる 星野みちる feat. Wack Wack Rhythm Band Curtain call

Stuff: Got the new "Ease Up" photo zine by our good old Flickr friend TRUE2DEATH who specializes in immortalizing graffiti'd freight trains. His photos are beautiful, and so is this 40-page full bleed zine! Each comes with a photo print, vintage railroad stationary and an original sticker. It can be bought online here.


Music release news: The Lady Spade, enami Taisuke, nananon, Taketatsu Ayana

The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" enami Taisuke "f e r m e n t" nananon "Nana Nana Non Non" (7") Taketatsu Ayana "Colore Serenata"

Playlist: Yume to Cosme, Hoshino Michiru, etc. Just been too lazy to update!

Yume to Cosme "Kiss toka kirai toka" Yume to Cosme "zettai! Love Motion"

This week's video: Making movie of CAPSULE's upcoming album "Wave Runner" (Feb. 18, 2015)

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November 22, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #47 (November 15 to 21)

Food: - Dinner at Cicada, Omotesandō
- Oden at Tapir, Shin-Ōkubo
- Deer spaghetti at Consequence, Shibuya
- Nasi Lemak at Malay Asian Cuisine, Shibuya

New music: - I received Old Monk's latest album "Posing as Love", the great Brooklyn-based band of my friend Tsugumi who I saw there last month! I've dreamed of seeing them live and I hope to have that chance someday. If you're near them check them out, or you can find the album on Bandcamp (etc.). The album comes on delicious pink vinyl with a MP3 download code. Check out their latest video "Secrets in the Lawn".

old monk

Music event: On Sunday I went to event "Switched On!" held in Kichijoji! This great series of events organized by Dr.Usui ((M)otocompo) and friends had been put on hold a few years ago, but now it seems to be back! There I got to see Genius, The Lady Spade, Saoriiiiiii, Kit Cat, The Aprils, (M)otocompo and more. That was a great show! It was also an opportunity to get The Lady Spade's new album (the first with current singer ATG) which will be released on November 26, and I got it autographed too!

その名はスペィド The Lady Spade Kit Cat エイプリルズ feat. Genius (M)otocompo

Music release news: Hoshino Michiru, Ishikawa Shunosuke

Hoshino Michiru "A/W Collection ~anata to watashi no Collection~" Ishikawa Shunosuke "Yuuchin" (Download)

Playlist: The Lady Spade, U-zhaan, Jintana & Emeralds, Old Monk, Noppal, Hoshino Michiru

The Lady Spade "makkuro sakasama Heart" U-zhaan "Tabla Rock Mountain" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" Old Monk "Posing as Love" Noppal "Summer EP 2015" U-zhaan "Tabla Rock Mountain" HOSHINO Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage"

This week's video: Hoshino Michiru & The Scooters "Tokyo Disco Night / koi suru Fortune Cookie" sampler clip

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November 16, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #46 (November 8 to 14)

Food: - Lunch plate at Fujiwara, Higashi-Koganei
- Lamb gyoza and curry at Indo Fuji, Higashi-Koganei

あたらしい日常料理 ふじわら インド富士

Music events: - We went to Higashi-Koganei for the Teratotera Sound Fes., a free event held at the Community Station below the tracks. This station area has been renewed recently and contains several nice shops. We got to see performances by Haino Keiji, actually we could only hear because of the crowd, and then Yamakawa Fuyuki (who I last saw in a play with Yokomachi Keiko (report)), who used microphones to get sound from his skull when hit with his hands to control snare and bass drums. He also did tricks with light bulbs synced with his heartbeat, and he showed his throat singing skills. He's a very unique performer!


- Also I had the chance to catch a free in-store event by Vanilla Beans, in promotion of their new single "uchōten Girl"! That's a great new song! Now I can't wait for their one-man show next month. :)

The set list was: koi no Sniper 007 / Please Me Darling / Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji (Pizzicato Five cover) / Kiss wa me ni shite po! / uchōten Girl

Music release news: Nomiya Maki, Vanilla Beans, Akakage, Nakatsuka Takeshi, Ruby*

Nomiya Maki "Miss Maki Nomiya Sings Shibuya-kei Standards" Vanilla Beans "uchōten Girl" Akakage "Peace Maker" Nakatsuka Takeshi "Disney piano jazz 'Happiness' Deluxe Edition" Ruby* "sweet music float"

Movie: Went to see Xavier Dolan's "Tom à la ferme" ("Tom at the Farm"). I liked it, better than "Mommy" (which we saw while in Québec last month). I'm happy that this Québec director is gaining popularity in Japan!

Tom à la ferme

Playlist: Nomiya Maki, Dorian, Aira Mitsuki, Hoshino Michiru,... also Noppal, (M)otocompo

NOMIYA Maki "Miss Maki Nomiya Sings Shibuya-kei Standards" Dorian "Melodies Memories" Aira Mitsuki "I'll Be Back" HOSHINO Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage" Noppal "Summer EP 2015" (M)otocompo "OK SKA ep"

This week's videos:

Takanami Keitarō & Nangasaki Five "Sugar Town"

Negicco "hikari no Spur"

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November 9, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #45 (November 1 to 7)

Food: - Fish & chips and maguro tataki salad, etc. at Bespoque
- Yakitori

Fish & Chips with mashed peas Maguro tataki salad 焼き鳥

Music event: I went to see Nomiya Maki at Billboard Live Tokyo! This was her 2nd show there of the "Shibuya-kei Standards" series that started last year (that one is being released on CD this week). The show started with "Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji (The Night Is Still Young)" and followed with many covers such as Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends' "Love So Fine", The Scooters' "Oh Honey", Flipper's Guitar's "Summer Beauty 1990", Swing Out Sister's "Breakout", Towa Tei's "Amai Seikatsu (La Douce Vie)" and many more.

Kaji Hideki also guested for 3 songs during the show, including "amefuri toshi", a duet with Maki from his latest album "Ice Cream Man". He stuck around for the covers of Flipper's Guitar (a song originally sung in duet by Oyamada Keigo and early P5 vocalist Sasaki Mamiko) and Swing Out Sister.

While the whole show was awesome, the most incredible was the encore which consisted of a P5 medley! Maki showed up in this outfit and sang "Nata di marzo", then undressed to this one and sang "I hear a symphony", "Groovy is my name" and "It's a beautiful day" (if my memory is correct, as it all seemed like a dream). Then Kaji-kun joined back for "Message song".

I got Maki's live album (a few days before release) with a signed card, and even got to line-up to shake her hand and say hi. :) A wonderful evening!

Set list: "Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji (The Night Is Still Young)" (Pizzicato Five) / "Dreaming Day" (Yamashita Tetsurō/Celia Paul) / "Oh Honey" (The Scooters) / "amefuri toshi" (Kaji Hideki) / "Summer Beauty 1990" (Flipper's Guitar) / "Breakout" (Swing Out Sister) / "Amai Seikatsu (La Douce Vie)" (Towa Tei) / "koi no Corolla (O meu Corolla)" (Claudia) / "T jiro" (Koizumi Kyōko & Nakai Kiichi) / "Glass no ringo" (Matsuda Seiko)
Encore (approx.): Pizzicato Five medley "Nata di marzo" / "I hear a symphony" / "Groovy is my name" / "It's a beautiful day" / "Message Song"

Miss Maki Nomiya Sings Shibuya-kei Standards 2014 Miss Maki Nomiya Sings Shibuya-kei Standards 2014 "Miss Maki Nomiya Sings Shibuya-kei Standards"

Exhibition: "On The White" group exhibition at Musashino-Garō, with works by ESOW, Nozaka Toshikazu, etc. Also enjoyed some autumn colors in Koganei.

ESOW ESOW 野坂稔和 野坂稔和 小金井

Music release news: Hoshino Michiru, Smooth Ace, Brother's Sister's Daughter, Ryoma Maeda, lyrical school, "Twilight Time"

Hoshino Michiru "Planetarium de mattete ne" (CD+7") tofubeats "First Album" Smooth Ace "Sing Like Children" Brother's Sister's Daughter "BSD" Ryoma Maeda "Rhapsody In My Life" (Download) lyrical school "Pride" Various Artists "Twilight Time"

Playlist: Nomiya Maki, Buffalo Daughter, Tarte Tatin, Digital Underground, Frenesi, Kaji Hideki

Nomiya Maki "Party People" Buffalo Daughter "Konjac-tion" Tarte Tatin "Tetrad" NOMIYA Maki "Lady Miss Warp" Digital Underground "Sex Packets" frenesi "Dolphino" KAJI Hideki "Sweet Swedish Winter"

This week's videos:

Buffalo Daughter "Love & Food"

Akakage "Oh My God" (Short version)

Ryoma Maeda "Run Faster Than Beauty"

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