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.30 Weekly revue: 2017 week #17 (April 22 to 28)
.22 Weekly revue: 2017 week #16 (April 15 to 21)
.15 Weekly revue: 2017 week #15 (April 8 to 14)
.09 Catch-up revue: 2017 weeks #10-14 (March 4 to April 7)

April 30, 2017

Weekly revue: 2017 week #17 (April 22 to 28)

Food: - Lunch at Tapir, Shin-Ōkubo
- Hanger steak at BLT Steak, Roppongi
- Omrice at Omakasety, Shibuya

Tapir Tapir BLT Steak Roppongi おまかせ亭

Music events: - On Record Store Day, I went to Tower Records Shinjuku to see Vanilla Beans, part of an event for the release of split-singles with The Pen Friend Club. I didn't know The Pen Friend Club before, but turns out they're a cool band that takes inspiration from the sound of the Beach Boys and Phil Spector. Also performing was Niigata idol group RYUTist which has some very nice vocals. Vanilla Beans sang "Nicola", "sweet life" (released on 7" this time) and "Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji" (Pizzicato Five cover)! The dance poses in "Nicola" on the 2nd and 3rd photos always remain favorites. :)

Vanilla Beans Vanilla Beans "Nicola" Vanilla Beans "Nicola"

- And on Friday I went to see Maika Loubté, who performed a live set in the entrance of Isetan Men's in Shinjuku! What a cool place to blast electronic sounds! This was presented in collaboration with Agnès b. Maika had brought a bunch of synths and played everything live as she does it, including the two songs from her recent single "Skydiver". I posted a very short clip on Instagram.

Set list (the 2nd of 2 sets): Feel / Coconut Juice / Universal Metro / Le Gong / Skydiver / Mountaintop

Agnès b. × Maika Loubté @ Isetan Men's Maika Loubté Maika Loubté

Music release news: Agata Morio & Hachimitsu Pie, Cornelius, Metafive

Agata Morio & Hachimitsu Pie "Baby-lon" Cornelius "anata ga iru nara" (7") METAFIVE "METAHALF" (12")

This week's videos:

Report of "Thank You Origato Nakanishi Toshio"

tofubeats "Baby"

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April 22, 2017

Weekly revue: 2017 week #16 (April 15 to 21)

Food: - Brazilian coffee event by Borderless Café! "from seeds to cup, from Brazil to Japan ~a celebration of Brazilian coffee~" Got to taste 6? 7? 8!? different coffees from Brazil! :)
- Indian dinner at Salma Tikka & Biryani, Shinagawa
- Cuban (half) sandwich lunch at Cafe Habana, Daikanyama

Brazilian coffee event by Borderless Café Brazilian coffee event by Borderless Café Brazilian coffee event by Borderless Café
Salma Tikka & Biryani Salma Tikka & Biryani Cafe Habana

Music release news: Hollywood Zakoshisyoh, Record Store Day 2017, Learners, Nomiya Maki

Hollywood Zakoshisyoh "gokiburi otoko" (7") Record Store Day 2017 Learners "More Learners" (12"), "Learners" (12") Nomiya Maki "Nomiya Maki, Vacances Shibuya-kei o utau. ~Wonderful Summer~"

This week's videos:

Momoko Motion "Fake Food"

& "You Make Shibuya" promotion song sung by Nomiya Maki w/ music by Kaji Hideki! Hear it here.

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April 15, 2017

Weekly revue: 2017 week #15 (April 8 to 14)

Food: - Lunch & desserts at Au bon vieux temps, Oyamadai
- Horse meat dishes at "Ōhashi shōten no tonari shokudō", Daitabashi
- Hawaiian cheeseburger at Port of Call, Daikanyama
- Manly burger at Umami Burger, Omotesandō

Au bon vieux temps Au bon vieux temps Horse meat in Daitabashi Horse meat in Daitabashi Port of Call, Daikanyama Manly burger @ Umami Burger

Music event: Following the passing away of Nakanishi Toshio (Plastics, Melon, ...) and the "God Save the To$h vol.4" event that I went to at the end of February, another larger event in remembrance of Tosh was held at SuperDeluxe: "Thank You Origato Nakanishi Toshio a.k.a. Tycoon To$h Fest.!!!".

This time again all-star band Diamond Heads (Takagi Kan, Oyamada Keigo, Sunahara Yoshinori, Nomiya Maki, Linda, Noemi, Momo, Kuni Sugimoto & Onishi Tsuru) played a set of Plastics song, with former members Tachibana Hajime and Shima Takemi joining in. The event also had performances by Hikashu (who played a set of their early songs), Satō Taiji (Theatre Brook) (who played guitar for Tosh watching from above) and Tachibana Hajime (solo guitar Plastics style). In the end Kenji Jammer also joined.

Hikashu set list: Doro Doro / At The End Of The 20th Century / Nazeka Burning / Love Treatment / Alternative Sun / Pike

Diamond Heads set list: Copy / I Love You Oh no / Peace / Good / Deluxe / Delicious / Robot / Park (Eight Days A Week) / Pate / Diamond Head / Top Secret Man / Copy (Reprise with everyone)

THANK YOU ORIGATO 中西俊夫 a.k.a TUCOON TO$H フェス @ SuperDeluxe Hikashu / ヒカシュー Hikashu / ヒカシュー Hikashu / ヒカシュー SATŌ Taiji / 佐藤タイジ TACHIBANA Hajime / 立花ハジメ Diamond Heads Diamond Heads Diamond Heads Diamond Heads Diamond Heads

Music release news: De De Mouse, Urbangarde, sione (aka Yukawa Shione), P.O.P

De De Mouse "dream you up" Urbangarde "Urbangarde 2016 Xmas Special Hall Live Tenshi des Akuma" sione "ode" P.O.P "Fresh & Step" (Download)

This week's videos:

P.O.P "Fresh & Step"

sione (aka Yukawa Shione) "Wealth of Flowers"

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April 9, 2017

Catch-up revue: 2017 weeks #10-14 (March 4 to April 7)

Travel: From March 9 to 19 we had the great pleasure to travel to India! This time we went to Delhi, Kerala (Trivananthapuram (Trivandrum), Varkala, Kovalam) and Mumbai. Lots of great food and memorable times. Photos are up on Flickr.

Rajinder Da Dhaba Spice shop Indian Coffee House
Varkala Varkala Mumbai
1. Rajinder Da Dhaba, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi
2. Spice shop at Connemara Market, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
3. Indian Coffee House, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
4. In Varkala, Kerala
5. Festival at the Valiyaveetil Devi Temple in Varkala
6. Dabbawala near Churchgate station, Mumbai

Food: - Went to Indo Fuji (Higashi-Koganei) one last time before it closed at the end of March. That was a very good curry restaurant! Fortunately Indo Fujiko (Koenji) remains, just below Enban.
- Last weekend was an exhibition of Indian textiles at fudoki in Itabashi, and there was a curry lunch plate served by Indian Canteen Ami.
- Had a sausage roll and blueberry pound cake at a Friday morning Sunday Bake Shop

インド富士 / Indo Fuji (now closed) Curry plate by Indian Canteen AMI at fudoki, Itabashi Sunday Bake Shop

Music release news: Denki Groove, Kinoco Hotel, Shinohara Tomoe, Especia, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Maika Loubté, "Kayama Yuzo no shin sekai",, "Toy Chara Pop" compilations by DJ Fukutake, Watanabe Marina, Hiyajo Atsuko, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa, Saoriiiii

Denki Groove "Tropical Love" Kinoco Hotel "jitsuroku - gebageba daikakumei" (DVD/Blu-ray) Shinohara Tomoe "Tomoe Shinohara ☆All Time Best☆" Especia "Wizard" Ryuichi Sakamoto "async" Maika Loubté "Skydiver" (Cassette/Downoad) Various Artists "Kayama Yuzo no shin sekai" "not not me" Various Artists "Toy Chara Pop Collection Vol.1~3 Selected by DJ Fukutake" Watanabe Marina "Birthday Boy" (7"), Hiyajo Atsuko "maware maware" (7") Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Easta", "KPP 5iVE YEARS MONSTER WORLD TOUR 2016 in Nippon Budokan" (Blu-ray/DVD) Perfume "Perfume 6th Tour 2016 'COSMIC EXPLORER'" (Blu-ray/DVD) Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa "Are Euphoria" Saoriiiii "Freepass License" (Download)

This week's videos:

Maika Loubté "Sky Diver"

Denki Groove "Ningen President"

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